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Fleet Management Challenges

Our automotive software solution enables car rental services and fleet operators to monitor the usage and handling of devices and automobiles, as well as their fuel consumption and all other polluting factors resulting from their use.

By adapting the fleet management system alongside the environmental management system, you improve the quality of collected data, and gain a comprehensive overview of how environmental goals are progressing. 


"The economic benefits of the software solutions are obvious for someone who has been in this industry for decades. We improve prudence and maintenance processes by using less manpower. Inside the company we regularly discuss how we could not imagine operating without it.“

Egill Jóhannsson, CEO of Brimborg

Using Klappir for Fleet Management

Remote Location Tracking

Track the location of your fleet remotely and monitor the voyage log to see where your cars have been.

Deviation Alerts Dashboard

Get notifications if a parameter you have set deviates from the norm, for example kilometers driven, average speed, or the location of the car.

Overview of Service Inspections​

Track the health of all cars in one place and notify drivers when cars are due for inspection or services.


Get periodic progress reports on fuel, waste management, and performance. Store, access, and cross-check delivery notes and receipts.

Decrease Operational Expense

Gain an overview of fuel purchases and other operational expenses with our intuitive interface, and save time when reviewing invoices.

Fleet Environmental Footprint

Discover your company's and your fleet's environmental footprints by adding the ADVANCE solution, which will also show you other operational data such as use of electricity, car fuel, water, heating, and flight information.

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