Klappir ADVANCE gives a clear, real-time overview of your environmental footprint.

Why Klappir ADVANCE?

Operational Dashboard

Stream data from your assets and present it on your dashboard as real-time operational data

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Reduce your environmental impact and improve the efficiency of your processes

Fleet Management

Track the location of vehicles in real time, see trip history and confirm locations at any given time


Analyse your operational and environmental data and take action to minimize your environmental footprint

Environmental Dashboard

Use operational data to calculate your environmental footprint then display it on your environmental dashboard

Engage Stakeholders

Enhance your brand by sharing relevant up-to-date information about your environmental activities with your audience


Keep an overview of your property and units which have an impact on the environment

Central Support Team

Access our central support team when you need assistance and sign up for webinars and workshops


To measure your environmental footprint you need the right data. Klappir ADVANCE makes that data available, in actionable form and in real time.

Klappir ADVANCE compiles the data streams created from utilities, waste, properties and expended resources, creating a clear, real-time overview of your organization. This is the data you need to systematically generate a true environmental footprint.

Klappir ADVANCE is also a proven tool to increase efficiency, expose wasteful practices and improve the performance of your company, showing that sound business practice and environmental responsibility are one and the same.


Basic solutions

Stream data about your electricity consumption from all providers and store it in your environmental database.

Stream data about your hot water usage from all providers and store it in your environmental database.

Stream information about your registered properties and manage them through your Asset Manager in Klappir ADVANCE.

Stream data about your waste disposal from your waste pickup provider and view an overview of each waste category.

  • Shows ratio of sorted to unsorted waste
  • Analysis of use by each unit
  • Comparison of different periods

Stream data about your fuel purchases to your environmental database.

  • Carbon footprint derived from fuel used
  • Analysis of use by each unit
  • Comparison of different periods
  • Fuel consumed

Fleet management

The following are the available add-ons and IoT solutions for fleet & task management.
  • See real-time records of fuel consumption
  • Distribute digital reports to all stakeholders
  • Set transparent targets for reducing emissions
  • Track the location of vehicles in real time

Monitor the condition of vehicles and receive notifications about regular maintenance, tests and other issues. 

  • Continuously monitor the condition of your vehicle engines
  • Receive oil change notifications
  • Receive service notifications
  • Receive road test notifications

Track the location of your vehicles in real time, see trip history and confirm location at any given time. 

  • Locations shown on map in real time
  • History of all trips by all vehicles
  • Trip logbook
  • Use of vehicles

We use only certified equipment which has been tested for reliability.

  • Simple installation
  • Remote updates
  • Optional WiFi capability
  • 2-year guarantee on equipment

API available to import valuable data from external systems

  • Open API for connecting to other systems
  • XLS/CSV data streams
  • Automatic notifications
  • Connection to Klappir’s environmental solutions

Your software licence includes all services and updates. Data is stored on a secure server.

  • Web interface available 24/7
  • No time limit on data storage
  • App available for drivers
  • Help desk

Want to ADVANCE?

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