Sustainable Impact Investment

By investing in Klappir stock it can help you reach a very clear objective. Whether your goal is to join other Klappir shareholders and customers to sustain nature, increase your knowledge on sustainability or savings for the future, investing in Klappir helps you in getting where you want to go in life.

Here are the top 5 reasons to invest in Klappir

Sustainable Impact Investment

We are Leading digital technology company powering sustainable development. We are developing innovative digital solutions that contributes to safer, cleaner, and more sustainable future. We strive to create financial value as well as value for society at large. 

Innovative and sustainable solution to answer megatrend

Klappir powers today and anticipate tomorrow’s megatrends, from digitalization to eco-friendly activities.

Customer obsession

Our customers find responses in our innovative products and constantly growing market solutions to their increasing demand: rapid technological innovation, personalized service and faster response times.

Solid integrated performance

We are fast growing company providing leading digital solutions to meet sustainability megatrend.

Sustainability platform for wide cooperation

We offer solid platform for all to cooperate to one common goal – a better future for all.

Take part in shaping the future of green technology

It is Klappir promise to create tangible long-term value for its customers and the community in which we live. Klappir solution platform is the only one in the world that covers all environmental management, from data collection to reporting. Klappir strong position puts us in an optimal position to lead the revolution that is foreseeable in the carbon and environmental accounting of companies. We therefore want to take advantage of the competitive advantage to systematically distribute the software around the world, as well as build new and valuable jobs in recent innovation and save future generations in order to meet the environmental challenges.

Klappir platform meets the urgent need of companies, institutions and countries around the world to manage the environmental impact of their operations, systematically reduce their ecological footprint and prepare ESG reports. The platform can grow in an effortless and logical way from Iceland to other countries, where the business model is very scalable and flexible.