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Our solutions seamlessly integrate ESG Reporting into your future decision-making.

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Klappir Green Solutions - Tools for Environmental Management

Everything You Need in One Place to Decrease Energy Consumption and Minimise Your Footprint


Measure emissions in real-time, analyse performance and get real results


Provides framework for energy efficient operation of buildings and houses.


Holistic approach to automotive car fleet management.


Maritime industry web-based solution for environmental compliance.

Key Klappir Platform Features

Automatically Collect Operational Data

Automatically collect data on waste disposal, fuel, electricity and water usage from all providers and stores it in a single database​

Fulfill Legal Requirements

LogCentral makes complying with international maritime environmental regulations easier. Log information once and use it everywhere.​

Create & Share Environmental and CSR Reports

Create and share your environmental and corporate social responsibility reports with your team and your customers​

Environmental Analytics

Transform your operational data into environmental data for a real-time overview over your environmental footprint for each operational unit and the operations as a whole

Operational Analytics

View detailed information on each of your operational unit, such as oil use per car and waste and waste type collected at a specific address


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The growing level of environmental awareness in societies across the globe is compelling companies, both small and large, to minimize the negative impact on the environment from normal business operations. Powerful actors can spearhead change and kickstart others into definitive actions that follow the trend.

Become a leader for that change now.

We guarantee to make your transition to smart environmental management, and a cleaner world, both smooth and rewarding.

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