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Minimize Your CO2 Footprint and Decrease Operational Expenses

We help aviation companies to minimize the environmental impact of moving people and cargo from A to B.

By utilizing cutting-edge data processing technologies, we collect real time data about operational as well as polluting factors into our software system.

The database is designed to analyse all polluting factors and generate environmental reports, which helps you set environmental goals, lower operational expenses, and share your environmental performance with others to inspire more companies and institutions to action.

Using Klappir in the Aviation Industry

Environmental Footprint

Discover your company's environmental footprint by looking at your environmental dashboard and analytics.

Operational Dashboard

View operational information such as use of electricity, car fuel, water, heating, and flight information.

Approval & Verification

Let our digital solutions help you comply with all regulations. Create and edit monitoring and data collection plans. Share the plans and obtain approval from relevant authorities and verification bodies with the built-in verification feature.

Environmental and CSR Reports

Automatically generate environmental statements and use the sustainability input fields to generate social responsibility reports.

ETS Estimates

Estimate the amount of carbon credits you need to purchase in the future based on your current fuel use and your environmental goals.

ISO 14001

Use our digital management solution to fulfill the requirements of ISO 14001, an internationally agreed standard that helps you improve your environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste.

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