Connecting Bunker Buyers and Suppliers Worldwide

Our Unique Bunker Trading Solution

A brokering software solution that connects buyers and suppliers of bunker and allows fuel transactions to occur in an efficient and secure manner.

User-friendly and intuitive

BunkerMaster has an intuitive, easy to use interface that serves as a platform for bunker trading.

Simplify and open up the procurement process

BunkerMaster ensures reliability, transparency and efficiency in the procurement and delivery process for both the buyer and the supplier.

Benefits for all parties

Buyers lower prices by managing several bids and offers. Suppliers increase turnover by reaching clients all over the world and can also reduce administrative costs per case by recieving enquiries, giving quotations and collecting orders electronically and in one place.

Key Features

Buyer Side

Vessel Manager

Use the Asset Management Tool to create your vessels and assign attributes to give further information on vessels.

View Average Fuel Prices & Fuel Trends

View average fuel prices at different bunkering ports and explore fuel trends in the past.

Electronic Bunker Enquiries

Electronically place and manage enquiries to multiple suppliers at the same time. Manage offers, compare quotations and seek out the best offer. When bunker is delivered, the buyer can compare invoices against quotes, and the price of order, and view bunker delivery notes.

For Vessel Operators

When bunker has been delivered, the ship-engineer can use Klappir Oil Recordbook, a MARPOL Annex I approved record book (part of Klappir LogCentral) for comparison. Fully confirmed information on fuel deliveries is created and ready to use in Environmental Reports, MRV, DCS and multiple other reporting services within the Klappir Platform.

Supplier Side

Receive Enquiries Electronically

The supplier can receive enquiries from different buyers around the world.

Give Quotations & Collect Orders

The seller can select the enquires he/she chooses and give quotations through using BunkerMaster. Once an order has been placed, the seller will be notified.

Send Receipts Electronically

Once the buyer has accepted the quotation from the seller, the seller can send electronic bunker receipts to the buyer through BunkerMaster.

Keep an Overview of Quotations & Orders Placed

The seller has an extensive overview of all quotations and all orders placed.

Integrate With Other Klappir Products

BunkerMaster can be used both with or without other solutions on the Klappir Platform. All our products are built on a platform that ensures a seamless integration between different products.  Here’s some ideas on how to cleverly integrate Bunker Master with other Klappir solutions: 

BunkerMaster + LogCentral

Used in conjunction with the Klappir LogCentral Solution, the BunkerMaster can collect data for Klappir´s compliance reporting tools to create traceable and transparent EU MRV and IMO DMC reports.

BunkerMaster + EnviroMaster

Used in conjunction with Klappir EnviroMaster, the BunkerMaster can collect data for environmental management, Environmental Reports and multiple other reporting services within the Klappir Platform.

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