Everything You Need for Smart Environmental Management

EnviroMaster software dashboard screenshot from the Klappir Green Solutions platform

EnviroMaster gives you a clear overview of your environmental footprint, increases efficiency and exposes wasteful practices


Stream data from your service providers and monitor your environmental footprint. Not finding year-old information on operational parameters for your carbon footprint calculations?  Just connect to your service providers through your Klappir account and receive the data automatically. Missing data sources? Not a problem. You can upload information and we will find a place for it!

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Keep an eye out for any small changes in your environmental footprint on the dashboard. Track your direct and indirect emissions and follow their development over the years and months.

Dig Deeper

Dig deeper with our analytical tools that show you how your operations are influencing your footprint. Was it the extra miles you drove this month or did you generate more waste than usual?

Group Assets

Want to compare areas or maybe different departments? Electronically or manually download your assets and assign them to groups. 

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Automatically create Environmental, Social and Governance statements and share them with stakeholders.

What Can You Measure?

You can measure practically any type of energy consumption and waste generation. Not sure it’s doable in your case? Contact us and describe the situation. We’re always up for a challenge.

Waste Handling & Disposal

Stream data about your waste disposal from your waste pickup provider. Gain an overview of different waste categories and see where the waste eventually ends up.

Electricity Use

Stream data about your electricity consumption from your service providers and use the electricity dashboard to spot opportunities for reduction.


Stream data about heating and its origin. Use the Heating dashboard to view the percentage of renewable sources.

Fuel Consumption

Stream data on the fuel use of your cars from your fuel provider.

And So Much More...

Contact us for a full list of features!

Integrate With Other Klappir Products

All our products are built on a platform which ensures a seamless integration between them. Add HouseMaster to lower energy costs and increase energy efficiency and RoadMaster to monitor your cars. Looking for something else? Take a look at our other solutions in the menu bar above. 

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