Ever-Growing Demand for Carbon Offsets Through the Klappir Platform

It’s becoming ever more popular for businesses to buy carbon offsets directly through the Klappir platform. Our carbon offset services provide simple and effective solutions for customers who want to decrease their carbon footprint.

We offer two different carbon sequestration options; reforestation in collaboration with Kolviður; wetland restoration in collaboration with Votlendissjóður. Both methods aim to capture and store carbon in plants and earth in order to mitigate global warming. 

Businesses can buy carbon offsets for part or all of their emissions. Businesses and organisations that have been using the services directly through the Klappir platform include Arion bank, Bónus, Efla, Festi, HS Orka, the town of Hafnarfjörður, Miklatorg, Straumhvarf, Valitor and Ölgerðin Brewery, and we expect many more to join the group in the near future.

Although we encourage businesses to buy carbon offsets, we stress that this is not a longterm solution to climate change. The best way to mitigate pollution and fight climate change is to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

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