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The financial services sector has an enormous effect on society as a whole and plays a leading role in shaping how companies are run at levels both high and low, and consequently the impact they make on the environment. Banks and other financial institutions can set environmental and social accountability as a condition for lending, thereby assuming a leadership position in environmental management within their organization, setting an example for others to follow.  

"In 2017, operational carbon emissions were reduced, and so was food waste. The share of sorted waste has risen from 43% to 52%, and the number of printed paper sheets has dropped by 10% from 2015."

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Using Klappir in the Financial Sector

Operational Dashboard

Use the operational dashboard to view information streamed into your Klappir Platform system. Track operational data such as use of electricity, car fuel, water, heating, and flight information.

Environmental Footprint

View your environmental footprint on the environmental dashboard where all emissions from your operations are shown and categorized.

Goals and Action Plans

Set environmental goals and create action plans that decrease your environmental footprint.

Environmental and CSR Statements

Automatically generate environmental statements and use the sustainability statement input fields to generate different social responsibility reports.

Share Your Progress

Inspire your customers by sharing both detailed environmental statements and CSR statements using the intuitive Klappir widgets.

Rate Your Potential Investments

Manage risk by receiving environmental and social reports from your current and potential clients and rate them based on their commitment to those issues.

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