Smart Electricity Monitoring Solution For Buildings, Work Sites, Ships, and more

Designed To Lower Energy Costs and Increase Energy Efficiency

Advanced monitoring and analytical features help you detect excess consumption and identify opportunities for improvement.


Collect data from your existing digital electricity and heating meters. Don’t have digital meters? No, problem! We can deliver IoT electricity meters as a part of the HouseMaster.


Analyse the energy usage and performance of different buildings and assets in your portfolio. You can measure whatever you want, even that freezer you think is running up your energy bill…

Take Action

Find ways to decrease your energy consumption by continuously looking at trends and patterns on your dashboard.

HouseMaster graphics of lightbulbs and charts

Key Features

Consumption Profiles

Build a profile of the assets you are measuring so you know when something is out of the ordinary.

Compare Assets

Compare the energy consumption of assets, floors, departments or whatever your heart desires...

High resolution

The data is continuously updated and can be obtained at up to 15 minute intervals.

Energy Zones

Create energy zones such as each office space or area in that building you letting .

CO2 Footprint

View the CO2 footprint of your energy consumption.

Buy Electricity

Send out requests for quotas and receive offers from different suppliers, saving time and money! 

Integrate With Other Klappir Products

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All our products are built on a platform which ensures a seamless integration between them. Add the EnviroMaster to measure the footprint of other operational factors and generate ESG and environmental statements or the RoadMaster to monitor your cars. Looking for something else? Check out our other solutions in the menu bar above.

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