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Klappir Green Solutions is traded on the Nasdaq First North Market under the symbol KLAPP B

Klappir Green Solutions listed on Nasdaq Iceland’s First North market.

On 27 September 2017, trading in shares of Klappir Green Solutions began on NASDAQ Iceland’s First North market. The software development company was the first company in Iceland to be accepted for trading on the Nasdaq First North market in 2017.

“We are delighted to be listed on Nasdaq First North,” said Klappir’s CEO Jon Agust Thorsteinsson. “We are a growing company in an exciting sector. There are many opportunities in the development of green software solutions, and we want to make it easy for investors who are interested in moving forward with us. The framework provided by Nasdaq First North helps us prepare better for the future, regarding communication with shareholders and investors, and especially with regard to funding more extensive projects that might arise. We look forward to entering this new world.”


Company News

Financial Calendar

March 17 2020
Annual Statement for 2019

April 2 2020
Annual Meeting. 
* The meeting will be held online. Here is a link to the Microsoft Teams meeting.

Bréf forstjóra til hluthafa (link; in Icelandic).

Dagskrá og tillögur aðalfundar meeting agenda (link; in Icelandic).

Ársreikningur 2019 (link; in Icelandic).

Samþykkir 2019 (link; in Icelandic)

August 25 2020
Mid-term Financial Statement

Financial information and reports. Please note that all documents are in Icelandic.

Investor Relations

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Compliance Officer

Svanhildur Anna Magnúsdóttir
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