2 members of Klappir's team standing next to one team member of Össur

Klappir and Össur Join Hands on a Smart Environmental Management Project

Klappir and Össur have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of using Klappir’s digital solutions to create a complete overview of Össur’s environmental footprint worldwide. The agreement entails installing a centralized database containing environmental data on Össur’s international operations and automating the data collection process. 

At first, the emphasize will be on gaining an environmental overview of Össur’s operations in Iceland as well as on selected worksites abroad; in the Netherlands, Mexico, and the United States. Össur operates in more than 25 countries across the globe and the goal is to expand the collaboration to cover more worksites in the coming semesters.

“We are delighted to have started working with Össur and are looking forward to taking on this exciting project, which gives us a unique opportunity to explore the environmental aspects of Össur's operations abroad.”

Anton Birgir Sigfússon, business development, Klappir

“We at Össur have been improving our environmental management system for the past few years. By collaborating with Klappir, we greatly simplify the data collection and gain a better overview of all our main environmental factors.”

Bergþóra Hlíðkvist Skúladóttir, environmental and safety manager, Össur

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