Web-based solution for the maritime industry

Simplify and optimise ship operations

Data should not live in isolation, it needs context. The SeaMaster gives you unprecedented operational overview by connecting different datasources, creating new ones by digitalising on-board records and streaming information from machinery and  external data sources.

Digitise on-board registration and compliance

SeaMaster OnBoard replaces manual on-board Record Books with a series of digital solutions. Intuitive eRecord Books reduce human errors and allow you and your team to access meaningful information.

Connect to IoT equipment and external datasources

Stream information from on-board meters, sensors and gauges and combine the information with data obtained from on-board logbooks and external datasources such as weather forecasts.

Analyse and Validate with Remote Access

Gain an unprecedented overview of your operations with SeaMaster Onshore. Remotely access all data recorded and processed on-board, check the weather conditions, monitor fuel use, conduct trend analysis and benchmarking exercises, and submit records to regulatory authorities.

Monitor Your Environmental Footprint

Add the EnviroMaster for data collection across your entire value chain. Streamline and digitise your environmental management and automatically create environmental and ESG reports.

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