SeaMaster Analytics

The SeaMaster Analytics gives you unprecedented insight into your fleet operations

Analyse, monitor and validate

The eRecord Book collection includes a complete set of MARPOL eRecord books, a Voyage eReport book and Catch eReport book. Data recorded on-board is automatically synchronised via the Klappir cloud and accessible to on-shore management and ship operators through the SeaMaster Analytical tool.

eRecord Book Overview

View information logged in on-board eRecord Books by on-board crew

✓  Open eRecord Books and eReport Books logs and view entries
✓  View the type and amount of fuel bunkered in ports
✓  View the type and amount of garbage discharged
✓  Download Pdf versions of all eRecord Books and eReport Books

Analyse and Monitor

Monitor your fleet activity, conduct trend analysis and benchmarking exercises and submit records to regulatory authorities with the SeaMaster Analytical tool. The information from the eRecord Books and eReport Books, combined with information streamed from meters, sensors and gauges on-board, and weather forecasts gives unprecedented insight into ship operations.
Klappir Marketplace management reports available to order

Create Management Plans & Procedures

Create and edit mandatory management plans, such as the EU MRV and SEEMP Part I & II with our built-in editor. Share the plans with the crew and generate printable PDF’s for on-board carry.

✓    Create and edit monitoring and data collection plans.
✓   Share the plans and obtain approval with relevant authorities & verification bodies with the built-in verification feature.
✓  Automatically calculate emissions and generate reports.

Map View

View a real-time map of your entire fleet. A simple click on each vessel opens information on the ship from where you can check the status of their compliance, add on-board users and check the weather forecast at the location of the ship.

Digital Bunker Platform

BunkerMaster is an intuitive, easy to use platform and user interface that is operated from the SeaMaster and serves as a platform for bunker trading. The BunkerMaster solution allows the user to electronically place and manage enquiries to multiple suppliers at the same time, manage offers, compare quotations and accept the best offer. It also gives the user an overview of average fuel prices at different bunkering ports and fuel trends throughout history.
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