SeaMaster eRecord Books

The SeaMaster replaces manual on-board record books with a series of digital solutions. Intuitive eRecord Books reduce human errors and allow you and your team to access meaningful information.

Digitise on-board registrations and compliance

The eRecord Book collection includes a complete set of MARPOL eRecord books, a Voyage eReport book and Catch eReport book. Data recorded on-board is automatically synchronised via the Klappir cloud and accessible to on-shore management and ship operators through the SeaMaster Analytical tool.

MARPOL eRecord Books

Crew members can electronically log information required by the IMO MARPOL Convention into the MARPOL eRecord book collection.

✓   Annex I – Oil Record Book Part I & II
✓   Annex II – Cargo Record Book
✓   Annex V – Garbage Record Book Part I & II
✓   Annex VI – ECA Fuel Changeover Record Book
✓   Annex VI – Ozone-depleting Substances Record Book
✓   BWM Convention: Ballast Water Record Book

eVoyage Report Book

The Voyage eReport book streamlines vessel and voyage data collection that replace books and worksheets on-board. The eReport Book allows crew members to log information on each voyage.

✓   Arrival/departure
✓   Port work
✓   Distance
✓   Fuel stocktaking
✓   Cargo movements

Catch eReport Book

The Catch eReport book allows crew members to log operational information on the ship.

✓   Vessel’s position, course and distance travelled
✓   Voyage fuel consumption
✓   Towing time
✓   Fishing area
✓   Weather Information
✓   Arrival and departure times
✓   Fishing locations, type and amount of catch
✓   Fishing gear and time length of fishing

Activity Overview and Monitoring

Crew members can monitor events logged in the eRecord Books and eReport Books on the Activity Overview. The monitoring tool shows each event as a part of the timeline of each voyage.

✓   Visual representation of events 
✓   Flagging of possible error logs
✓   Voyage report download
✓   Share records and reports with relevant authorities

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