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We at Klappir have a firm belief in our products and their usefulness. We provide great support for all our customers and carefully assist our software users with the first steps of entering the world of smart environmental management.

Implementation and integration

Emission source management

Data Gap Analysis

Data source communication 

Opportunity assessment

Reporting support ESG/Environmental Report

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Klappir offers a diverse selection of workshops, specially designed for our customers, where we carefully explain the nuts and bolts of smart environmental management. What are the first steps? How do you do an environmental statement or an ESG report? What is risk management and how does it relate to environmental management?

We offer short and focused workshops which are customised for active users of individual software solutions from Klappir, such as EnviroMaster, SeaMaster, RoadMaster, and Risk Management Studio. Participants enjoy a precise and enjoyable guidance on how they can best benefit from using our products in their daily work.

Þorsteinn Svanur að kenna í vinnustofa Klappir


A crucial part of effective environmental management is monitoring the performance and reflecting it through reliable and purposeful reporting. By using Klappir’s environmental solutions to automatically collect environmental data around the year, it becomes as easy as pie to create environmental statements for transparent ESG reporting. We support our customers throughout the whole reporting process and ensure that the reporting is held to the highest standards. 

Below you can see a few examples of businesses that have created and published reports in collaboration with Klappir.

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