Eimskip planned to implement digital environmental governance, and in 2016 began using Klappir’s pioneering software solutions for transparent maritime compliance and environmental accounting.


Eimskip must ensure that its ships comply with local, regional and international maritime environmental regulations. Crew must record a wide range of information, but entering that information in multiple logbooks using pen and paper was time consuming and inefficient. 

Printed information was difficult to share. The valuable data contained in thousands of reports was inaccessible and not easily available for analysis.

Additionally, frequent visits by the officials who enforce the regulations took time from crew members’ regular duties.


In 2016, Eimskip installed Klappir COMPLY, an environmental software solution which provides a comprehensive overview of environmental sustainability. 

The software collects data and automatically streams it from the point of origin to a data warehouse where it can be processed into reliable information for the whole organization. The solution supports decision making at all levels, enabling Eimskip to provide transparent and reliable environmental information to stakeholders.

“Klappir’s solution systematically complies with both national and international environmental legislation and regulations. We can automatically validate and report on our environmental sustainability to stakeholders in a fully transparent way, as required by new governance and social legislation.”​

COMPLY simplifies the entire compliance issue for shipping companies by allowing crew members to log compliance information directly into digital logbooks.

Managers on shore can access information registered in the logs through their COMPLY dashboards and make better decisions based on accurate data. 

Crew members can also make the logs available for port authorities, reducing time-consuming visits on board.

“Klappir’s software solution offers real-time monitoring of operational performance and exposes the environmental impact of our business. It identifies non-financial factors that influence the footprint of our value chain. We have been able to reduce emissions and waste, and to optimise the environmental sustainability of the entire operation.”

Klappir solutions guarantee compliance with international environmental regulations for the maritime sector. The system includes document control, software-based on-board registration, reporting, online transfer of information to land-based data centres and analytical tools for management.

“As well as improving our efficiency and accountability, Klappir COMPLY contributes greatly to generating trust in our environmental program.”

This automated process eliminates manual errors, enables trustworthy inventory accounting and provides constant actionable information on performance.

Klappir’s maritime solutions provide mandatory manuals and plans, diaries, notifications and service documents in digital form in accordance with the MARPOL Convention and its detailed Annexes.

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