Eimskip cargo ship named Dettifoss on the open sea

The Environmental Agency of Iceland Submits Official Approval of Klappir’s Electronic Record Books

We at Klappir are delighted to announce that the Environmental Agency of Iceland has submitted their approval of our electronic record books in LogCentral, the software system which we designed, produced and published in cooperation with ChartCo Limited.

In an official letter dated April 30th 2019, the Environmental Agency of Iceland confirms that the following Klappir record books comply with all requirements regarding record books on board ships in accordance with international commitments and Icelandic laws and regulations:

  • Oil Record Book, parts I and II, in accordance with Regulations 17.1 and 36.1 in MARPOL Annex I and Regulation No. 586/2017 on the implementation of Annexes to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973, with amendments according to Protocol 1978 (MARPOl convention).
  • Cargo Record Book in accordance with Regulation 15.1 of Annex II to MARPIL and Regulation No. 586/2017
  • Garbage Record Book, parts I and II, in accordance with Regulation 10.3 of Annex V to MARPOL and Regulation No. 586/2017
  • Ballast Water Record Book in accordance with requirements of Regulation No. 515/2010 on ballast water.

“This is wonderful news and further validates and strengthens our belief in the important environmental work that we are doing,” says Þorsteinn Svanur Jónsson, one of Klappir’s founders.

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