Photo of Klappir CEO Jón Águst, Stiki CEO Svana Helen, and Stiki Chariwoman of the Board, Huld

The merging of Klappir and Stiki

The merging of the two software development companies supports further development of Klappir’s sustainability and environmental solutions and boosts the company’s entrance into international markets.

Klappir has signed a merging agreement with Stiki, another prominent Icelandic software developing company. Klappir and Stiki have long enjoyed a fruitful collaboration and predict that the merging will spur many new opportunities. Klappir will take over the management of Stiki. After the merging, Klappir now has a staff of around thirty people.

Stiki has for years focused on software development in the field of risk assesment and information safety, as well as providing health evaluation and other services in the healthcare sector. Stiki’s software solutions will be added to Klappir’s already impressive selection of products. The goal is to use information technology to encourage further innovation in the field of smart environmental management. The merging also facilitates the international distribution of the Klappir’s varied software solutions; all the solutions work toward the United Nations’ sustainability development goals.

Says Jón Ágúst Þorsteinsson, CEO of Klappir Green Solutions:

“In environmental management, risk analysis, risk assesment and risk management are key factors, and is health evaluation. It’s wonderful news that Klappir and Stiki are merging because now we can address climate issues on every level. I’m delighted at the prospect more future work with the powerful team at Stiki.“

Says Svava Helen Björnsdóttir, CEA and founder of Stiki: 

“The merging of Klappir and Stiki will further advance Icelandic innovation when it comes to sustainability solutions and give us further momentum internationally. We have big plans for the future and we know that opportunities for growth abound. The climate issues are perhaps the biggest challenges now facing humanity. I’m looking forward to integrating our risk solutions with the Klappir environmental solutions.”

Further information about Stiki:
The IT company Stiki was founded in 1992 and is a leading company in risk assessment for businesses. For years, Stiki has developed software for risk analysis, risk assesment and risk management, and has worked with universities and research institutes in Europe and North-America in developing new methods for risk assessment. The company offers complete solutions as well as consultation for integrating ISO management systems into operations, especially as regards information safety. Stiki has also developed solutions for health evaluations, known as RAI health evaluation systems, currently used nationwide in Iceland. Stiki has clients in more than 20 countries.

Want more information about the merging and our solutions? Please contact us here.

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