Klappir WasteMaster

Gain a complete overview of your waste operation and track in real time how tasks are progressing.

Tools For Smart Waste Management

Everything you need to collect waste intelligently

Manage Tasks

Gain an overview of all tasks and your teams. Monitor in real time how the work is progressing. Assign tasks to people out on the field.

Save Time

Simplify your operation by storing all data in one and the same place. Get signatures from clients electronically.

Improve Communication

Improve communication by allowing your team to chat to management and write comments regarding tasks.

Smart Waste Management Benefits

Waste treatment and recycling plants can use our task management solution to better manage their operations, and to give customers accurate answers regarding orders, estimated times of delivery, and the real time location of the deliverer.

By adapting the fleet management solution alongside the task management solution, you can improve the quality of collected data, and gain a comprehensive overview of how environmental goals are progressing.

Waste Management

Waste management refers to all activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. This includes the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste, together with monitoring and regulation of the waste management process.

Smart Waste Management

Smart waste management is the modern version of waste management. By digitally collecting data about every aspect of your operation in real time, we provide you with a precise, complete picture of your environmental footprint and your operational expenses.

Task Management: Key Features

Detailed Tasks Information

  • The location of the task
  • Comments and photos attached
  • Signature acceptance
  • Better customer service

    The service desk can know:

  • Estimated finish time
  • Workload measured
  • Estimated finish time
  • Who is working on the task
  • Overview of Tasks and Teams

    Access from any device:

  • Tasks locations
  • Distance to tasks
  • Workforce distribution
  • Nearest team member
  • Fleet Management: Key Features

    Remote Location Tracking

    Track the real time location of your fleet remotely, view trip history, and confirm locations at any given time.

  • Locations shown on map in real time
  • History of all trips by all vehicles
  • Trip logbook
  • Use of vehicles
  • Deviation Alerts Dashboard

    Get notifications if a parameter you have set deviates from the norm, for example kilometers driven, average speed, or the location of the car. ​

    Monitor The Condition Of Vehicles

    Track the health of all cars in one place and notify drivers when cars are due for inspection or services.​

  • Continuously monitor the condition of your vehicle engines
  • Receive oil change notifications
  • Receive service notifications
  • Receive road test notifications
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