Klappir engage

Share your environmental progress and goals with your audience.

Why Klappir ENGAGE?

Engage your audience

Share relevant information on your environmental activities to inspire action.

Marketing value

Add marketing value to your current Klappir solutions by engaging your customers and staff.

Enhance your brand

Enhance your brand by demonstrating environmental awareness and responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Create and share your environmental and corporate social responsibility reports with your team and your customers.


Klappir ENGAGE adds marketing value to other Klappir solutions by allowing you to engage your audience, whether it be your customers, your team or any other stakeholder. Use ENGAGE to create a meaningful connection between your company and your target audience by allowing them to track your company’s environmental progress through different environmental reports, widgets on your webpage or screens at your offices.

Over time, Klappir ENGAGE will help you build a comprehensive picture of your organizations environmental activities. Use the information to reduce your impact and improve the efficiency of your processes. Enhance your brand by demonstrating better informed environmental awareness.

Klappir ENGAGE gives you the tools to start a dialog with your audience on environmental issues and use your progress as a marketing tool.


Add ENGAGE to your COMPLY solution to share information on your compliance with environmental regulations.


Add ENGAGE to your ADVANCE solution to share information on your environmental footprint with your audience through widgets on your web page and screens in your offices or stores.

Our solutions

Here you can see some of our reports and solution for engagement.

Create and share your environmental report with your team and your customers.

The ENGAGE widget is a simple application extension that allows you to show your preferred information and environmental progress on your webpage​.

Generate reports that are customized to your focus at any given time​.

Create a dashboard with your KPIs and project it onto screens where customers and your team can see it.

All reports can be customized according to your preferences or brand guide.

Environmental, social and governance reports made according to the latest standards and regulations​.

Want to engage your audience?

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