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A smart sustainability tool for your business

Make smarter decisions with accurate, transparent and real–time data.

Sustainability solution

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    Reduce your environmental impact

    Closely monitor your emissions to leave a positive mark on the planet and a good impression on your stakeholders.

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    Reduce your risks

    Closely monitor your suppliers and easily generate reports to be fully compliant and transparent with your stakeholders

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    Reduce your costs

    Closely control how each of your assets and users contribute towards your emissions to reach a greater operational efficiency

Our Platform

Our sustainability platform provides the tools and support you need to decrease your negative environmental impact, your risks and your costs.


Sustainability Tool

Our sustainability tool transforms activity data into environmental information and gives you overview of your environmental footprint.

Key features

  • Monitor activity data from your operations
  • Monitor emissions in Scope 1, 2 and 3
  • Create sustainability reports
  • Advanced asset management

Risk Management Tools

RM Studio gives you access to an extensive toolkit of solutions that guide you through the implementation of risk management policies, processes and procedures.

Key features

  • Holistic risk management
  • Standards and Regulations compliance
  • Business continuity planning and recovery
  • STPA Methodology toolkit

Ship Operational Management Tools

SeaMaster gives you access to digital on-board logbooks for regulatory compliance and on-shore fleet monitoring tools.

Key features

  • MARPOL I-VI Record Books
  • Voyage Record Books
  • Share digital record books remotely with authorities
  • Remote access to all data logged on-board

Vehicle Operational Management Tools

RoadMaster monitors the environmental performance of individual vehicles and drivers, through route tracking, energy consumption, and vehicle performance.

Key features

  • Live Locations and Alarms
  • Trips & Routes
  • Maintenance

Customer Success Stories

How some of our customers are using our platform.

On-Board Registrations and Legal Compliance

Between 2015 and 2019, Eimskip's carbon footprint decreased by 14,2%, a direct result of the focused effort to reduce emissions, which included the digitisation of on-board registration and legal compliance.

Manufacturing company drastically reduces waste and emissions

Using Klappir sustainability tool and Klappir HouseMaster to monitor its progress, this major manufacturing company can now show reliable, accurate data to support their 40% decrease of CO2 emissions––a goal they initially set themselves for year 2030.

Pioneers in Environmental Transparency

As one of Iceland's largest seafood companies, Brim is committed to showing the greatest respect for the marine ecosystem at all times while ambitiously reporting on its environmental impact.