Data-driven Environmental Accounting Solutions

The unique online data platform that measures footprint, improves sustainability and delivers reliable ESG reporting.

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More than 350 organisations use Klappir to understand their carbon footprint and report on their environmental impact


Data-driven Environmental Solutions

Our web-based smart solutions help you understand your business's direct and indirect emissions, reduce your carbon footprint, and simplify compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

All our solutions work on the same platform. They're cloud-based, so there's no installation process. You can start using them today.



Our flagship digital solution is designed for businesses, organisations, and municipalities that want to create strong infrastructure for environmental accounting and deliver reliable ESG reporting.

EnviroMaster is a cloud-based digital solution that facilitates sustainability management by largely automating the process. It is used by organisations, municipalities, and businesses across all sectors.

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Take a look at our other products

We offer a variety of software solution for different types of assets. Each one has its unique features suitable for the challenges they are addressing

Smart meter monitoring, data analytics, asset modeling and more for facilities management (buildings, vessels, worksites, warehouses, etc.)

HouseMaster is a cloud-based digital solution designed to help detect excess energy consumption and identify opportunities for improvement in waste management and sorting.

Klappir's Digital Eco-System

Klappir's unique sustainability management solutions have created a robust network of Icelandic companies and data suppliers that now work together on better managing the nation's resources. Read about how some of our clients are employing our solutions.

Pioneers in Environmental Transparency

As one of Iceland's largest seafood companies, Brim is committed to showing the greatest respect for the marine ecosystem at all times, while ambitiously reporting on its environmental impact

Brim adopted the Klappir environmental management solutions to record and reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases while complying with international and national maritime environmental regulations. Rather than relying on estimates, Brim wanted accurate, real-time information which could be shared with customers, stakeholders, and the community alike.
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ESG: Commitment vs. Execution

In business, as with most aspects of life, good intentions seldom transition into commitment that is fulfilled by execution for reaping the benefits of initial ambitions. Today a vast majority of organisations around the world are focusing on their commitments to environmental management and sustainability. In fact, those buzzwords are used so frequently now, that most people simply assume that they have the same meaning...

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News and Articles

GHG Protocol: Setting Organisational Boundaries

This is the second article in our series about on the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Corporate Standard and the methodology behind it.

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News and Articles

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Explained

Klappir’s approach to smart environmental management uses The Greenhouse Gas Protocol as a point of reference. But what is the GHG Protocol?

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The Klappir workshops are designed to bring our smart environmental platform users up and running quickly.

The workshops are designed for any user who needs some basic training to more advanced users who want to know if they are using the solutions completely. What are the first steps? How do you do an environmental statement or an ESG report? What is risk management and how does it relate to environmental management?




ESG Reporting

Social Responsibilities and Environmental Awareness




EnviroMaster 101

Beginning Smart Environmental Management




Environmental Statement

Reporting on Your Environmental Performance




SeaMaster 101

Compliance Best Practices for Environmental Management

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