Klappir EnviroMaster training

Wednesday 16.12.2020 at 13:00-14:00 GMT

This free course, Klappir EnviroMaster, is specifically for anyone interested in a sustainable future. The easy to follow course will give you an introduction to using Klappir’s proven digital technology to improve your organisation sustainability. 

The course covers:

- Introduction to digital sustainability development in Iceland
- Demonstration of the Klappir EnviroMaster a cloud software environmental management.

For whom:



Dr. Jón Ágúst Þorsteinsson and Anton Birkir Sigfússon

See https://klappir.com/the-klappir-leadership-team 

Other information:

Klappir grænar lausnir hf. (Klappir) is an Icelandic public limited company with over 300 Icelandic shareholders and has been listed on the First North market of Nasdaq in Iceland since 2017. There are 350+ legal entities using Klappir’s software solutions (nearly 300 are domestic parties). Klappir digital technology solutions support the government's action plan on climate change and digital Iceland in many areas. The assortment of solutions has been in design and development since 2014 forming a unique, collaborative overall solution in the fields of environmental management, social issues and corporate responsibility.

Klappir regards the development of digital technology as one of the most important prerequisites for success in environmental and climate matters and a very urgent infrastructure issue. In fact, it can be said that the emphasis of environmental and climate issues are being pushed into the entire economy in Iceland, in addition to raising and strengthening the environmental awareness of everyone in our society. This creates unique value for Icelandic society.