Reaching Ambitious Goals Begins With Accurate Data

Progressive manufacturing company Ölgerðin has drastically reduced its waste and greenhouse gas emissions

Ölgerðin, an advanced and progressive manufacturing company with over 100 years of experience, has been party to the Icelandic Climate Agreement since 2015 and has been implementing serious efforts to support their goal of reducing their CO2 emissions by 40% before 2030.

They began using Klappir's sustainability management solutions in 2017 to collect environmental data on their entire operation and generate ambitious ESG Reports.

The results speak for themselves: They're fast on their way on reaching their initial goals of 40% reduction in GHG emissions.

Ölgerðin wanted a solution that would:

  • Provide the company with a comprehensive overview of its energy intensity and carbon footprint.
  • Facilitate ESG reporting by collecting environmental data in real-time all year around.

The Solution

Ölgerðin implemented two Klappir solutions, EnviroMaster and HouseMaster, to help reach their goals. The sustainability solutions collect data on their emitting activities and guarantee that it is accurate and transparent. The year-round data collection also helps the Ölgerðin staff to make enlightened energy management decisions in a systematic and cost-efficient way, see how their goals are progressing and whether or not their tactics are working.

Says Málfríður Guðný Kolbeinsdóttir, specialist at Ölgerðin, "The system is a godsend not only for us who do the environmental reporting but also for our machinists and engineers: who now have a comprehensive overview of the energy intensity of every single machine. This is a very practical tool, and it helps us manage resources in smart, sensible ways."

Read an interview with Málfríður on the Klappir Blog. (In Icelandic.)

Ölgerðin Highlights:

  • 34% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions between 2017-2018.
  • 46% reduction in the use of oil for steam boilers in production; this equals the energy needed to light 12,000 lightbulbs for a year
  • 9% reduction in the use of fossil fuels for the company’s extensive distribution car fleet; this equals the amount of fuel needed to drive a truck 340 times around Iceland
  • 11% reduction in waste; this equals the average waste produced by 350 Icelandic households in a year
  • Ölgerðin uses Klappir EnviroMaster for ESG Reporting
  • Ölgerðin uses Klappir HouseMaster for facility management

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