The Klappir Story

Creating a Digital Eco-System

The recipient of the Festa and the City of Reykjavík Environmental Award in 2018, Klappir has become a driving force in the sustainability transformation of the Icelandic economy, helping both domestic and international companies to drastically reduce their footprint and deliver standardised environmental accounting.

How We Started

In 2016, we set out with the goal of developing and launching a digital platform equipped with a variety of sustainability solutions by the beginning of 2020, when the Paris Climate Agreement would come into effect.

A lot of hard work, and the incredible support of our many Icelandic clients, has helped make this dream a reality: Klappir has created a series of leading sustainability solutions that interact on the same platform, are both scalable and ready to grow naturally internationally as more and more countries move toward a circular economy and sustainability management, due to both increased environmental awareness and enhanced legal obligations.

A Growing Digital Network

Klappir's unique sustainability management solutions have already created a robust network of Icelandic companies and data suppliers that work together on better managing the nation's resources, and we are busy setting up networks with international partners to further spread our solutions.

Worthy Goals for the Future

Klappir's long-term objectives are to bring knowledge and cost-efficient sustainability solutions to the global market from our solid Icelandic domestic market.

The sustainability transformation of our economies, from a linear to a circular system, demands creative collaborations that start moving together toward a prosperous, green future, and we want to help protect, sustain, and enhance natural resources for the future.