Klappir PortMaster

The Klappir PortMaster solution simplifies the management of mandatory environmental activities in ports

Collect Data

Use our digital solutions to receive regulatory reporting from sea vessels. Data can be shared from sea to port and vice versa.

Data Handling

The PortMaster solutions analyses the quality of incoming data and notifies you when errors are detected.

Publish Electronic Receipts

Publish eReceipts on both the delivery and receiving end.


The PortMaster is a set of software solutions designed to simplify the management of mandatory environmental activities in ports andĀ improve data processing reliability and efficiency. The solution consists of data collection, handling, and publishing of electronic receipts.

Key PortMaster Features

Engage Stakeholders

Ports use the PortMaster to receive environmental information automatically and share it with stakeholders.

Better Time Management

Environmental data processing is steadily increasing due to stricter environmental regulations. This can be very time-consuming and calls for new solutions. Our smart PortMaster solutions help you stay afloat and maintain an overview of your work in an efficient, intuitive, transparent way.

Data Collection from Ships

The PortMaster facilitates the collection and processing of environmental information collected by ports.

Improved Efficiency and Data Transparency

Easily track all reports and receipts and share them with just one click.

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