ISO 14001

Combine implementing ISO 14001 with highly accurate emissions inventories

RM Studio provides a centralized system for organizing, delegating and monitoring compliance and risk for ISO 14001

The software solution utilizes a central database for managing documentation, audits, incidents, reports and much more.
And the pairing of the Klappir EnviroMaster provides the emissions data for measuring the established Enviornmental Management System.

Compliance Obligations

The complete ISO 14001 Standard and Guidance for compliance of each article is deployed in the system. Identify, list and link your compliance obligations and compliance requirements through the Gap analysis and implementation maturity assessment.

Asset Impact

Manage asset impact through the EnviroMaster emissions data and assess risks associated with the mitigating control measures for reducing impacts and risks. Establish recurring review requirements and responsible parties to ensure individual and department awareness and application of the desired behaviors.

Document Control

Maintain documented information (policies, procedures, records and reports) in one centralized location where they are controlled and readily accessed. Assign, through the RM Studio web-client, document owners for maintaining and updating to speed up compliance. Mapping documents to the standard or regulation requirements for the burden of proof.

Monitoring and Measurement

Pair RM Studio with the Klappir EnviroMaster that collects environmental data and generates the environmental impact reports. Use the EnviroMaster to maintain the environmental measurements and sustainabilty strategies and use RM Studio to asses the risks and determine the controls to implement for minimizing the environmental impact and risk of operations.

Incident Manager

The RM Studio web-client interface prvodies a complete incident manger from incident identification to investigation to resolution and cost impact. The web-client also provides an extension t to the Document manager for assessing if the policies and procedures in place require adjustsments to prevent a future incident or event of similar natare.

Mapping Standards and Regulations

Simultaneously work on similar standards and regulations, such as the ISO 14001 and MARPOL to comply with both through singular actions and procedures. Balance the workload for the required regulations compliance and the implementation of the Evironmental Management System according to the ISO 14001 on the centralized database.