ISO 27001

Step-by-step software guiding you to a fast ISO 27001 implementation

RM Studio has 15+ years of proven, successful 27001 certifications globally

The software solution utilizes a central database and individual clients for planning and managing risk assessments and treatments, compliance audits, documentation management, incidents management, reports and much more.

Feature Rich GRC Solution

Risk Assessment

Use the automation built-in RM Studio to build the asset-based risk assessment and start evaluating immediately. Assigning the risks to the Risk Owners and delegating the tasks for evaluations and audits all from the risk assessment is convenient and simple.

Requirements and controls

The complete standard (requirements & controls) are built-in to the system for complete overview of the implementation. Decide which security controls are applicable to the organization and evaluate the level of implementation maturity and effectiveness. Automaticallly applied to the applicable risks for creating the risk treatment.

Risk Treatment

Quickly created by combining the risk assessment and control assessment and instantly provides the residual risk in a color coded scorecard. Delegate the mitigation strategy and create the risk treatment plan to monitor the progress. Centralize records associated with reporting and sharing of information through external communications.

Risks to Control Mapping

The included Threat/Risk library for ISMS is mapped to the 27001 Annex A security controls. Auditing the mappings and importing your own risks is simple and saves a lot of time in your risk assessment audits. The mappings auto-populate in the treatment providing a very easy method of assessing the residual risk and mitigation based on the mappings.

Control Maturity & Effectiveness

Routinely audit and measure the maturity and effectiveness of implemented controls in order to validate the investment or application. Understanding the maturity and effectiveness of your implemented controls allows for better security decisions for increased information security confidence.

Hierarchical Asset Structure

Assets are assigned to the business entities and can be shared across multiple entities, but assessed differently (i.e. location, purpose, access points, etc.). The risk treatment strategies can vary based on how the asset is used or the security controls in place by location, as well as the resources available.