ISO 50001

Make it easier to integrate energy management to improving environmental management compliance

Develop efficient use of energy

Deep-dive into the energy consumption data in EnviroMaster to better understand normal usage patterns and discover anomolies. Combine the Klappir HouseMaster to manage and monitor the smart meters in your organization for a highly accurate picutre of energy use.

Use data to make decisions

Confidently make strategic decisions based on a thorough analysis of the energy consumption. The data driven decision making is fueled by the collected data of your assets and refined by analyzing patterns from the analytics insights.

Fix targets and objectives

Use the Klappir EnviroMaster emissions statements and KPIs to identify the targets and objectives based on the emissions inventory data.

Measure the results

Measure the improvements against the KPIs and objectves in order to develop strategies and policies benefiting the business in a number of areas.

Review how well the policy works

Pair RM Studio with EnviroMaster and HouseMaster to regularily audit the policies in place for effectiveness and maturity. Make revisions to the policies on the fly based on these audits and

Continually improve energy management

Annual reporting will highlight the organizations acheivements over the previous year. Using that information to make strategic decisions for the future in order to continuously improve the energy consumption year over year.