Klappir RM Studio

Has number of add on modules to extend your solution.

Compliance Module (ISO 14001) includes:

Compliance Obligations IThe complete ISO 14001 Standard and Guidance for compliance of each article is deployed in the system. Identify, list and link your compliance obligations and compliance requirements through the Gap analysis.

Aspects and Impacts Manage asset impacts through the risk assessment and assign the mitigating control measures associated with assets through the risk treatment. Establish a recurring review requirements and responsible parties to ensure individual and department awareness and participation.

Document Control Maintain documented information (such as policies, procedures and records) in one centralized location where they are controlled and readily accessed.

Monitoring and Measurement Connect to Klappir EnviroMaster to collect environmental data and generate reports manually or automatically. Setup recurring tasks to ensure such equipment is properly maintained, inspected and calibrated.

Internal Audits Manage internal audits and associated root cause investigations through the incident manager and create corrective and preventive actions based on findings and resolutions.

Implemented Control Assessment Routinely audit and measure the maturity and effectiveness of implemented controls in order to validate the investment or application.

Communication and disclosure Centralize records associated with reporting and sharing of information through external communications.

STPA Module includes:

Identifying Losses & Hazards Often the fisrt step in the STPA process is the identification of Losses and the Hazards that lead to the losses. While creating your lists of losses and hazards, you can quickly link hazards-losses, hazards-hazards, and hazards-constraints. As a bonus, you can diagram the relationship between losses, hazards and constraints, providing you with an excellent animated visual representation of the connections between.

Control Structure Modelling Modelling the Control Structure (CS) is crucial step for STPA. The module includes the award winning yWorks diagramming library embedded and customized or STPA. The diagramming is extremely efficient and intuitive with included features: drag-n- drop elements (controllers, control actions, etc.) annotation layer (on/off toggle for easy design communication), instant control loop, alignment and spacing adjustments for the canvas, zoom in and out for large diagrams, and multiple diagrams under a single model. Progress check is included to ensure completeness.

Unsafe Control Actions The Unsafe Control Action (UCA) identification is auto- populated with of the Control Actions created in the CS, as well as the customizable UCA categories. The assessment of UCAs is easy and identification of a UCA includes shortcuts in text writing of the UCA. The hazards and constraints are available to link to the identified UCA when desired. Progress check is included to ensure completeness.

Loss Scenarios The Loss Scenarios analysis combines several components already created, like the control loops from the CS, the UCAs identified, and the hazards. Defining of a loss scenario for a UCA and/or Hazard for each control loop is possible. A Progress check is included to ensure completeness.