Klappir RoadMaster

Monitor the usage and handling of devices and automobiles, fuel consumption and all other polluting factors

Install IOT Equipment

We deliver the necessary equipment to you and ensure easy installation so you can get started right away. The equipment is updated remotely, has optional WiFi capabilities and a 2-year guarantee.

Register Your Vehicles

Create your vehicles within the RoadMaster. Designate the driver responsible for the operations of the car and set up operational parameters.

...And You Are All Set

It really is as easy as that. Now you can start monitoring your fleet remotely.

Fleet Management Benefits

Klappir's RoadMaster solution enables car rental services and fleet operators to monitor the usage and handling of devices and automobiles, as well as fuel consumption and other polluting factors.

By adapting the RoadMaster fleet management system alongside the environmental management system, you improve the quality of collected data, and gain a comprehensive overview of how environmental goals are progressing.

Your software licence includes all services and updates. Data is stored on a secure server.

App available for drivers | Help desk API available to import valuable data from external systems | Open API for connecting to other systems | Automatic notifications | Optional connection to Klappir's environmental solutions

Key RoadMaster Features

Remote Location Tracking

Track the real time location of your fleet remotely, view trip history, and confirm locations at any given time.

  • Locations shown on map in real time
  • History of all trips by all vehicles
  • Trip logbook
  • Use of vehicles
  • Deviation Alerts Dashboard

    Get notifications if a parameter you have set deviates from the norm, for example kilometers driven, average speed, or the location of the car. ​

    Monitor The Condition Of Vehicles

    Track the health of all cars in one place and notify drivers when cars are due for inspection or services.​

  • Continuously monitor the condition of your vehicle engines
  • Receive oil change notifications
  • Receive service notifications
  • Receive road test notifications
  • Reports

    Get periodic progress reports on fuel, waste management, and performance.
    Store, access, and cross-check delivery notes and receipts.​

    Decrease Operational Expenses

    Gain an overview of fuel purchases and other operational expenses with our intuitive interface, and save time when reviewing invoices.

  • Distribute digital reports to all stakeholders
  • Set transparent targets for reducing emissions
  • Pair With Klappir EnviroMaster

    Discover your fleet's enviromental footprint, and view other operational data such as use of electricity, car fuel, water, heating, and flight information.

    Choose Your Fleet Management Solution


    Basic Solution to Track your Vehicles
    • Smart Fleet Management
    • Car connection fee
    • km / miles driven


    Basic Solution + added Features
    • Real-time Location
    • Fuel Monitor
    • Service Monitor


    Same as Plus + added Features
    • Voyage tracking
    • Stop Monitoring
    • Smart Time-sharing

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