Ownership structure

Ownership structure

Klappir total share capital of ISK 140,153,700 is divided into an A share capital of nominally ISK 50,000,000 and a B share capital of nominally ISK 90,153,700. The company’s A shares are not listed and are held by Kvistar ehf (96.6%), Startup Reykjavik Invest ehf (1.5%), Fjarskipti (1.2%), Eykarsalir (0.4%) and Þorrasalir (0.4%)

The share structure has a dual objective:

  • To provide a stable basis for the commercial, research and development activities conducted by Klappir Green Solution.
  • To support the long term mission, vision and core values of Klappir Green Solutions.

Sales of A shares can only be carried out if they are converted to B shares first.

As of 5 November 2020, Kvistar ehf., also held a B share capital of nominally ISK 18,773,950. Kvistar ehf A and B shares. Each A share carries one (1) votes and each B share carries zero (0) votes.