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We know that a test drive of the platform is sometimes preferred by users. We encourage you to request a quick demo of the EnviroMaster or the other Klappir products first in order to have a good feel for the system when you are driving.

To schedule the demo walk-through, enter your information in the form, keeping in mind the starred * items are required. After submitting your form, you should receive a confirmation email informing you that we will contact you to schedule the demo.

If you prefer jump into the driver seat and start testing the EnviroMaster for yourself, write in the ‘Message’ field that you want a demo account. We will contact you via email to send over the Klappir Demo Terms and Conditions Agreement for the demo account. You will need to review and sign the Agreement and send back to us. The demo account is valid for 30 days of testing and you can even use some of your own data for testing.

We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of our smart environmental management solutions.