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Reduce your negative environmental impact, your sustainability risks and your costs

We have created the world’s first sustainability ecosystem – a world-class platform that makes it easier than ever to organise, analyse and act upon your data. With accurate, transparent and real-time data, we give you a smart tool that takes your sustainability to the next level.


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    Collect data

    Use API's to collect data automatically in real-time from service providers. Increase data resolution by streaming data from your smart meters. You can also bulk upload data with our data import tool.

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    Create digital asset twins

    Create a digital twin of your assets, including entities, buildings, vehicles, and machinery. Assign consumption data to assets or asset groups and start monitoring and comparing. 

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    Connect data to assets

    Connect your data with your assets for an overview of the origin of emission.


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    Enhance with our environmental factors

    Account for both direct (scope 1) and indirect (scope 2 & 3) emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Our emission factor database is constantly updated to ensure that calculations are as accurate as possible.

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Analyse your impact

    Dive deep into your data, down to every single asset, user or supplier, with accuracy and in real-time. Use our powerful analytical tools to analyse consumption and spot opportunities to reduce wasteful practices. Switch between a visual, detailed and transaction based view.

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    Create and track environmental goals and KPIs

    Set goals and make use of KPI’s to measure performance.


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    Generate sustainability reports

    Generate reports and engage with your stakeholders in an instant, with the right templates and formats that have been designed in accordance with recognised standards such as GRI, UNGC, Nasdaq ESG and more. 

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    Share information efficiently

    Create sub-systems for your operational units and efficiently stream information up and down your organisational structure.

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    Increase transparency

    Share information on sustainability performance with employees and customers with our green screen solution.


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Great asset management is the foundation of effective environmental management. Build digital asset twins and connect them to your data.

Group your digital assets for further analyses of departments, regions or anything else you might think of.

Detailed view of all your activity data and emissions. Use it to monitor your process towards goals and identify opportunities for improvement

Generate sustainability statements automatically from the data in your account. Select years and groups for detailed statements.

A bird's eye view of all your activity data and emissions in one place. Use it to identify problem areas to act on.

Use our supplier assessment tool to rate the sustainability performance of your suppliers.