Smart Environmental Management

Capture Operational Data | Calculate Environmental Footprint | Ensure Compliance to Regulations

Capture Operational Data

Gain a comprehensive overview of operational and environmental factors and set realistic goals for minimizing your impact, which again leads to economizing in operational expenses.

Calculate Environmental Footprint

By digitally collecting data about every aspect of your operation in real time, we provide you with a precise, complete picture of your environmental footprint.

Comply to Environmental Regulations

We make life easier by helping you comply with all relevant regulations and legislation in your industry. This saves time and simplifies regulatory interactions with authorities.

The Klappir Approach to Environmental Management

Klappir Green Solutions is an Icelandic software company that helps businesses, municipalities, and states to adapt smart environmental management to their operations. Currently expanding internationally, Klappir has already built up a vibrant environmental network of more than 200 companies in Iceland, across ten different industries.

Our mission is to spearhead societal change and a growing environmental and ecological awareness throughout all of society. How do we do this? By making environmental management data driven and smart.

Environmental Management

Environmental management refers to how you manage your organization's environmental programme in a comprehensive, systematic, planned, and documented manner. This used to be very complex and time-consuming.
Not anymore.

Smart Environmental Management

Smart environmental management is the modern version of environmental management. By digitally collecting data about every aspect of your operation in real time, we provide you with a precise, complete picture of your footprint.

Key Klappir Products

Environmental Manager

Smart environmental software that allows you to measure emissions in real-time, analyse performance and get real results
Collect and combine operational data from your value chain, analyse emissions set goals and share your progress
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Smart environmental legal compliance with Klappir´s Electronic Record books for the maritime industry.
Monitor your fleet for compliance.
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Holistic approach to automotive car fleet management.
Powerful analytical tool for automotive fleet management and operational vehicle behaviour.
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Port Master

Digital Management System for Ports
Use digital technology to receive regulatory reporting from sea vessels. Data can be shared from sea to port, and vice versa.
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The growing level of environmental awareness in societies across the globe impels companies, both small and large, to minimize their negative impact on the environment. Powerful actors can spearhead change and impel others to action.

Be part of that change.

We guarantee to make your transition to smart environmental management, and a cleaner world, both smooth and enjoyable.

Key Klappir Features

Automatically Collect Operational Data

Automatically collect data on waste disposal, fuel, electricity and water usage from all providers and stores it in a single database​

Fulfill Legal Requirements

LogCentral makes complying with international maritime environmental regulations easier. Log information once and use it everywhere.​

Create & Share Environmental and CSR Reports

Create and share your environmental and corporate social responsibility reports with your team and your customers​

Environmental Analytics

Transform your operational data into environmental data for a real-time overview over your environmental footprint for each operational unit and the operations as a whole

Operational Analytics

View detailed information on each of your operational unit, such as oil use per car and waste and waste type collected at a specific address


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