Smart Environmental Management

Capture Operational Data | Calculate Environmental Footprint | Ensure Compliance to Regulations

ADVANCE your operations, COMPLY with regulations and ENGAGE your audience

Advance - No Bg

Compile data streams created from utilities, waste, properties and expended resources and create a clear and real time overview of your organisation and generate a true environmental footprint.

Comply - No Bg

Simplify compliance to maritime environmental regulations with electronic record books, management plans and reports. 

Engage - No Bg

Share information on your environmental performance and compliance with your audience.

What can you do with the Klappir solutions?

Automatically Collect Data

Klappir ADVANCE automatically collects data on waste disposal, fuel, electricity and water usage from all providers and stores it in a single database

Digital Environmental Governance

Klappir brings digital environmental governance which improves efficiency, transparency, accountability and security.

Fulfill Requirements and Report

Klappir COMPLY makes complying with international environmental regulations easier. Log information once and use it everywhere.

Big Picture

Over time, Klappir will help you build a comprehensive picture of your organizations environmental activities. Allowing you to make better decisions and foresee your environmental impacts

Corporate Social Responsibility

Create and share your environmental and corporate social responsibility reports with your team and your customers​

Reduce Your Impact

Use Klappir ADVANCE to reduce your environmental impact and improve the efficiency of your processes.

Engage Your Audience

Share relevant information on your environmental activities to inspire action among your audience

Central Support Team

You will have access to our central support team. Plus, we welcome you to join our workshops on maritime compliance.

“We can automatically validate and report on our environmental sustainability to stakeholders in a fully transparent way, as required by new governance and social legislation.”

Ásbjörn Skúlason

Managing Director of Ship Management​

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